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Production Methodology
Aroma Production Methodology

Our Production Methodology revolves to imbibe international standard practices at each level and fulfilling all regulatory needs set as per international standards. We follow standards for good manufacturing practice at all level

1 Personnel

2 Premises and sanitation

3 Fragrance Ingredients: Quality Control and Storage

4 Manufacturing Operations

5 Labeling & Packaging

6 Quality Control

The Basic idea behind our methodology is to promote the concept of ┐ SAFETY FIRST┐.

Whether it about products or the production/storage/quality process

We all agree that Human Life must be protected, and, also damage to the environment must be prevented.

To achieve the target of greater safety, we believe that it is necessary to follow more regulations stringently for enforcing safety aspects of plant & product.

The Safety of fragrance ingredients, which have been in common use over a long period of time, are being assessed by the absence of reports of adverse reactions before it is used in production. Fragrance ingredients, for which no adequate in-use experience exists, are used only after satisfactory evaluation according to the Standards.

Our focus is on utilizing less animal by-products and chemicals, and more plant materials such as vegetable dyes and proteins to promote mildness and reduce toxicity in perfume products.

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